I’m Clare, founder of Coast Health and Fitness.

My Pilates Story

I found Pilates 10 years ago as a rehabilitation tool. I was a runner. I ran every day, often with weight and I was 'running fit'. Then one day on a gentle run I felt a sudden pain in my hip. On closer investigation it turned out to be a pretty serious overload injury requiring surgery and removal of bone. During my lengthy rehabilitation I was given Pilates exercises and initially I couldn’t get my head around them. I felt I wasn’t working hard enough, I wasn’t out of breath and I wasn’t covered in sweat, yet after every session I felt like I’d been given pain relieving medication and my mood lifted. I gained strength in areas that had long been neglected and corrected the imbalances that had developed over years of doing the same exercise routine. It didn’t take long for me to become a convert, so much so that I decided to train to be an instructor. Now everything has improved, my surfing skills are still pretty terrible but the ‘pop’ is there where it wasn’t before, I can handstand – and hold it – I couldn’t do that before, and more important than anything else, I am no longer in constant pain, my posture is better and I feel really good!   

My PIlates Story

Sports Therapist

Outside of my day job I spent 14 years working as a Sports Therapist with rugby teams and the local Crossfit box advising on injury management and providing sports massage. This has given me a real insight into the human body and the mind of the sportsperson and I take all this into account during my Pilates lessons. Pilates itself is a great form of rehabilitation if you’re injured. I also have a degree in Biology; it’s surprising how often I refer back to it, especially when working with people with health issues.

I’ve worked with rowers, crossfitters, weightlifters, rugby players, new mums and mums-to-be; there is always a way to improve yourself with Pilates. I gave up running after my injury, my hips never fully recovered but I found some new sports – Pilates and Powerlifting. My focus is Pilates now, it’s kinder to my body but still works me hard and it's easy to balance it with family life, my kids often join in too!


  • Pilates
    VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Instructing Mat-Based Pilates
    VTCT Level 3 Award in Designing Programmes for Antenatal and Postnatal Clients
    Pilates for Common Orthopaedic Conditions
    Pilates with Small Equipment
    APPI Kids and Teens Pilates
  • Sports Therapy
    Diploma in Sports Therapy
    Diploma in Remedial Massage
    Level 2 Pre-Hospital Immediate Care in Sport Course
  • Nutrition
    VTCT Level 3 Award in Nutrition and Weight Management
    VTCT Level 3 Award in Nutrition and Physical Activity
  • Degree

    BSc Hons Biological Sciences (Biochemistry and Physiology) 1:1

Core Workout
Teaser Prep at Watergate Bay
Shoulder Bridge at Watergate Bay
Side Bend at Watergate Bay

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