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Change happens through movement and movement heals.

Joseph Pilates

Pilates Classes Newquay Cornwall

At every level of class the intention is the same, to leave you feeling refreshed and restored in both mind and body. We’ll build core strength, increase flexibility and tone and strengthen your entire body to make you feel strong and long. And let’s mention Mental Health. The benefits of performing exercise to your mental well-being are now well documented and Pilates is a great stress buster; the combination of deep breathing and the targeted strength and mobility exercises can have a powerful mood-boosting effect. So take some time out for yourself and join a class. 

I keep my class sizes small, correct positioning makes the exercises so much more effective and by keeping the classes small I can get hands on, correct and re-align as required. Here’s a description of the classes:


Pilates lesson

An introduction to the moves, the exercises are gentle but effective, focusing on the core principles of Pilates: precision, flow, concentration, centre, control and breathing. We’ll combine mobility exercises with strength work, using your own bodyweight and always at a level that you control. Work hard or go easy, whatever you need to do on the day.


Pilates lesson

With a firm foundation from the beginners’ series, an intermediate class will provide additional challenge. Once you’ve mastered the moves at the basic level the intensity or challenge of each exercise can be increased, giving you a tougher workout but one that will sculpt your body.


Pilates lesson

Expect to be upside down in this class. The exercises in this class are the more challenging of Joseph Pilates’ original repertoire but immensely fun. There’s lots of flow from one move to another making it a tough workout. If you’re finding intermediate classes a doddle, speak to me about joining an advanced class.  

Ante Natel

Pilates lesson

Mums to be, with an uncomplicated pregnancy can safely carry on exercising during pregnancy with some adaptations.

Exercise can help reduce or prevent back pain, nausea, leg cramps, gestational diabetes, excessive weight gain and other negative or unpleasant effects that are associated with pregnancy while providing many physical and psychological benefits.

Classes focus on pelvic floor and core strength which help support the baby and make getting back into shape a little easier after the birth.

Private Class

One to One / Two to One

One to one and two to one sessions are great for clients who would like a class tailored to their specific needs. These sessions are designed around your goals, they are particularly good if you have a specific injury or illness, have a sports-related goal or if you would like to learn the basics before joining a group class.

£45 per session for 1:1, £50 for 2:1.

Mum & Baby Class

Pilates lesson

This class starts to get you gently back into shape, drawing the abdominals back to where they should be and engaging the pelvic floor. Finding time to exercise when you have a new baby can be really difficult. You can bring your baby to this class and get all the benefits of a Pilates workout with your baby right beside you. There are many recognised benefits to post-natal exercise – correction of muscle imbalances, improved posture (we do so much stooping when we have children!) and interestingly, better quality of sleep. Join after your 6 week check, suitable up to the point where your baby can crawl.

Wednesdays 10.30am at The Hub, Nansledan, Newquay. 

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